The Beginning of Emerging Media

Welcome to My Blog! My name is Kevin Stolarski and I am a graduate student at West Virginia University who is wrapping up a masters certificate program in Integrated Marketing and Communications.   For the next nine weeks, I will be part of a course focusing on emerging media and how it’s role and impact effects all of us on a daily basis.

For my initial post, I’d like to briefly go over why this topic is important, and that is because it is everywhere.  Emerging media can be considered any type of digital technology that has changed the way we can communicate. Social networks like Facebook and Tweeter, blogs, forums, instant messaging, mobile messaging, e-mailing are just a few examples of emerging media that are so defined in people’s life that most can’t go a day without it. Friends and family members redefine how we communicate with one another but entire business models are significantly changing because of the way it is heavily affecting the advertising and marketing community.

I’m enthusiastic about digging deeper into specific forms of emerging media over the next couple weeks and sharing some of the information I come across!




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