There’s No Need for Dating Apps in College




Just this weekend I caught up with my cousin Tom, a 21 year old senior at George Washington University, over dinner. Although we did some solid bonding, I couldn’t help notice him  keep glancing down at his phone. I figured he was texting, emailing, Facebooking, Tweeting etc. but he did it enough times that I had to flat out ask him what he was looking at. He smiled and said Tinder. I had no idea what this was so I had him explain.


He said it was a new IPhone App that college kids are using to see if a girl/guy is interested in you in the area. It’s connected through your Facebook where Tinder would show you someone you maybe interested in nearby. It’s “anonymous” until someone decides they like you back, then you can get there information to chat. According to him, this is the new trend around a lot of campuses. I couldn’t wrap my finger around why, but I thought this was weird.


When I attended college it was certainly the era when Facebook became popular. And I am not going to lie and say if I met a girl who I thought was cute in class or at a party, I didn’t friend request her on Facebook. But I also used Facebook to meet friends, stay in touch with old mates and overall be more socially connected to my college community.  Now it seems like Facebook’s big use for it is to find out who has a crush on you. To me this just seems a little over the top but it certainly seems that the days when students met one another by walking around a college campus seem to be over due to emerging media.




3 thoughts on “There’s No Need for Dating Apps in College

  1. When I saw this post, I literally laughed out loud – not figuratively! A friend of mine sent a link about this app to me not too long ago and I couldn’t understand the purpose of it. He tried to explain how it works and as soon as I started reading the article, I saw “sweeping college campuses” and told him “no thanks” pretty much immediately.

    Here’s the article – Overall, it just seems like an interesting concept to me, but I guess for the sake of the class…it really is new media at it’s finest!

  2. This app is really interesting. Although I think it’s sad that eventually a face-to-face meeting will be so akward and people will lack genuine social skills that they won’t even know what to do!

    How do you feel about this app in terms of “connecting” with Facebook to use your information? We have all tried to use an app or site that wants us to connect with Facebook. It seems like Facebook is becoming the powerhouse, or the storage warehouse for all sorts of information that other companies/apps are trying to plug into. Does this concern you in terms of security or privacy?

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