Ok, Glass

This weekend while running errands I decided to treat myself an upgrade my phone to an IPhone 5. All weekend I’ve been like a kid on Christmas morning playing around with the newer features that my old versions didn’t have while my friends and roommates constantly stared at me like I was a day late to the party. But the scary thing is, I am.  The IPhone 5 is already old news, and soon IPhones in general could be out of style.

Last week I read an article in the New York Daily News updating technology enthusiast on the highly anticipated Google Glasses. “Google Glass,” for those who don’t know, are hands free head gear that act as your communication tool and more. By simply saying, “Ok Glass” everything from voice translating text messages to projector like images, videos, Internet data, to GPS navigation is the control of your own voice.

Last week, Google asked potential users to use the hashtag #ifihadglass  to their tweeter account to apply for a place on the pre-order list. But what is most shocking to me s not the features but the price. These individuals will have to fork over $1,500  to use the glasses plus take an instructional course in either New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles.

On Saturday, I bought my IPhone for $125, which I was told a third of the original price. Now I maybe cheap, but that amount of money  on of phone was big stretch for me. I can’t imagine spending well over a grand on a piece of emerging media that will be old news in a year. I would hold off on being a trend setter, and wait until the prices drop significantly before become up the new Google toy.






Sweet Brown Has Got Time for Emerging Media

The other day I received an email from a friend and in the subject line it read “Guess Who’s Making it Big.” I opened up the email to find a Youtube link that directed me to a new video of Ms Sweet Brown. If you don’t know who Sweet Brown she has become rather big Youtube sensation from this actual news interview that is attached above.

The interview grew popular enough that additional videos were created that “remixed” or “autotuned” her voice into a popular song. Both videos generated millions of views, that recently placed Sweet Brown into her own dental commercial which was the link my buddy sent me via email.

As I watched the Sweet Brown’s commercial I certainly chuckled at the commercial itself, but also at the fact that this women is now smiling, acting and getting paid to be on television. So have your cameras ready because emerging media could literally change you life in an instant.

Below is a link to here newest television commercial



Social Media Sunday!



As most of you know, yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday. And if you weren’t part of the 100 million people who tuned into the game , the end result was the Baltimore Ravens beating the San Francisco 49ers in the closing minutes of the game.


But what I thought was more astonishing then the game itself was the amount of people who couldn’t put their social media devices down during the most popular sporting event in America. A record 30.6 million social media comments were made last night on Twitter, Facebook and other tools. Now the fact that commercials are new, funny and interesting certainly plays a factor in on why people watch the game. However, Beyonce’s performance is what took over the spotlight with over 268,000 tweets-per-minute and instagram stated that 200 photos per second were posted of her during her set. The game also took an unusual break when the power suddenly went off in third quarter for over a half an hour. In that time, over 231,500 tweets were sent per minute.


Whether someone’s intent to watch the Super Bowl was for the game, commercials, or for a halftime performance people were ready and anxious to let others know how they felt through the game. Just another example how emerging media is growing ever popular. Below are some tweets surrounding the night.