Social Media Sunday!



As most of you know, yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday. And if you weren’t part of the 100 million people who tuned into the game , the end result was the Baltimore Ravens beating the San Francisco 49ers in the closing minutes of the game.


But what I thought was more astonishing then the game itself was the amount of people who couldn’t put their social media devices down during the most popular sporting event in America. A record 30.6 million social media comments were made last night on Twitter, Facebook and other tools. Now the fact that commercials are new, funny and interesting certainly plays a factor in on why people watch the game. However, Beyonce’s performance is what took over the spotlight with over 268,000 tweets-per-minute and instagram stated that 200 photos per second were posted of her during her set. The game also took an unusual break when the power suddenly went off in third quarter for over a half an hour. In that time, over 231,500 tweets were sent per minute.


Whether someone’s intent to watch the Super Bowl was for the game, commercials, or for a halftime performance people were ready and anxious to let others know how they felt through the game. Just another example how emerging media is growing ever popular. Below are some tweets surrounding the night.






One thought on “Social Media Sunday!

  1. Kevin- Great post. Our dependency and even obsession with media these days has gotten out of control. I’m glad I’m not the only one that has noticed it. It seems to me that our society has made it more important to announce in some clever 140-characted way that you’re watching the event of a lifetime, rather than putting the phone down and enjoy the event with good company and good food! I just can’t fathom a need to update people on what you’re doing, when 90% of the country is doing the same thing! But, I’ll be honest. I was in the middle of writing a paper for school during the Superbowl, and ended up posting on Facebook: “Writing a paper instead of watching the Superbowl. #gradschoolproblems”. I guess I’m just as guilty! I wish I could understand how media has taken such control over our lives!

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