Sweet Brown Has Got Time for Emerging Media

The other day I received an email from a friend and in the subject line it read “Guess Who’s Making it Big.” I opened up the email to find a Youtube link that directed me to a new video of Ms Sweet Brown. If you don’t know who Sweet Brown she has become rather big Youtube sensation from this actual news interview that is attached above.

The interview grew popular enough that additional videos were created that “remixed” or “autotuned” her voice into a popular song. Both videos generated millions of views, that recently placed Sweet Brown into her own dental commercial which was the link my buddy sent me via email.

As I watched the Sweet Brown’s commercial I certainly chuckled at the commercial itself, but also at the fact that this women is now smiling, acting and getting paid to be on television. So have your cameras ready because emerging media could literally change you life in an instant.

Below is a link to here newest television commercial


4 thoughts on “Sweet Brown Has Got Time for Emerging Media

  1. Alright Kevin. Thanks for making me almost spit my coffee out. Poor Sweet Brown. She can’t catch a break. Although- I do find myself quoting her whenever I’m asked to go hang out with my friends instead of doing homework! 😉

    It just goes to show how powerful media can really be, especially social media. She’s become an internet sensation, and look where it go her. A 30 second slot on a dental commercial. You go Sweet Brown!

  2. This is a great example of how Emerging Media can take simple, everyday things and make them famous. I think it’s also an example of how we can quickly overplay a creative concept and create more noise in the marketplace. The first commercial that used Sweet Brown probably got a little bit of attention because of the character recognition, but other companies such as We Pay have attempted to do the same. Gimmicks don’t sell as well.

    But hey, at least Sweet Brown is getting some money out of the deal!

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