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I have recently been attending a lot of  work related conferences, and although they can certainly be long and boring a lot of helpful information is presented at them. Obviously paying attention is key, but not everything can be remembered off hand even with full focus. So based off a recommendation from a colleague have now downloaded an app called, “Evernote” and I must say it has helped out with my organization.

Evernote is clearly a note taking app, but it is easily accessible from your phone, computer, tablet etc. It allows you to easily organize your “stuff” but also allows you to bookmarks, search for related items, and even send notes to someone else in a matter of seconds. Evernote has a Hello Connect feature that can also connect your material to other accounts of your choosing such as your LinkedIn profile, Facebook account, phone contacts. This can help you remember possible contacts you have met at a conference and connect with them effortlessly.

I have yet to dabble in all of Evernote’s features but I would highly recommend downloading it even if you’re someone who likes to get something out of there head and into a safe spot.  This app is free but to get the premium Evernote( which has most of the features above) it is $5 per month that you can cancel any time. Please keep that in mind.


2 thoughts on “Business Apps

  1. Kevin,

    I think it’s very interesting that it’s a subscription-based app. Download for free, then pay monthly is definitely a feature we’ve seen with other digital media. But I don’t recall running across too many apps that have this business model. A few entertainment apps run off this model, like Sirius or Grooveshark, but I always think of those services as around before the app. Evernote is an example of a business app that has a lot of function AND the benefits of always being there. I think the instant connect features to Facebook and LinkedIn are great, and I might even check it out! Thanks for sharing!


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